Seachem Equilibrium 300g


Seachem Equilibrium is specifically designed to establish the ideal mineral content for your planted aquarium. This contains no sodium or chloride. Equilibrium contains only calcium, magnesium & potassium salts, which aid in fish metabolism. This is also highly beneficial to plant growth.
Features: Restores & maintains mineral balance & GH, does not contain sodium or chloride like competing products, ideally suited for use with RO or DI water or any mineral deficient water.
Directions: To raise mineral content/general hardness (GH) by 1 meq/L (3 dH), add 16g (1 tablespoon) for every 80L (20 US gallons) when setting up an aquarium or when making water changes (add to new water). For optimum solubility we recommend mixing with 1L (1 qt.) of water (the resulting mixture will have a white opaque appearance). When this mixture is added to the aquarium it will impart a slight haze that will clear within 15-30 minutes.

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